Monday, June 21, 2010

Reonion Partay


Haha overdue eh, thanks to the high-speed internet. Guess I'll just post this video dulu, and I'll prolly add some more later.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

GG/Karate Kid


So we had our game gathering last Sunday, again at Hanif's (rumah ku ganya balum ani heheheheh, rumah si Ayman pun sudah... Maybe I should :x). I invited Fath along too since he wanted to play DotA with me, and since this is a gamethering, it's suiting enough.

We went there around 10am, had to send my little sisters to my granny's first at Salambigar and picked up Ayman Vami along the way. In order for Fath to find Hanif's home easier, we decided to wait up for him at the Mentiri-Sungai Akar's highway since he's on the way there. But we needn't wait long (we didn't even need to stop on the roadside!) as we passed by Fath's car on the traffic light there; that's good timing for you.

Thusssssssssss begin, the long hours of gaming.
I brought my PS2 along, mainly for Tekken 5... annoying kali Ayman's King...
Got the WC3 files from Fath and I proceed to install on my laptop. I was a little bit worried that it won't work since my laptop has a such crappy RAM and integrated video card sucks chicken balls and my previous DotA-ing was done back when on that favourite PC of mine, which has nVidia gfx card that was good enough for me; until it got fried by thunder, whoopeeee!

Once done, set up LAN connection with Fath, and DotA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FAIL. My laptop proved to be very laggy, it stuck when I faced Fath heroes, and the next moment it continued, I was already dead. And uhh... Fath immediately ended the game right then and there. At least it saves me from the embarrassment of being killed over and over due to my n00bishness lulz.

Enywai, yeah, Tekken... Counter-Strike, occasional SSB, and we're done by 5pm. Also got the Pokemon's anime too, which I'm currently enjoying a little too much (Why is the episodes in the Pokemon season 2 folder is still season 1? <.<).

Yesterday night, went out to watch The Karate Kid with Atul, Jihah, Asyraf and Jimah at Qlap mall: thanks to Jimah for treating the tix, or I else wouldn't even join them since I was broke haha-ha... the movie was great by the way, very funny too.

Also played 100-matches of Tekken 5 against my brother yesterday afternoon, and damn he won, 65 to 35, he scored a Perfect once, and a 10 winning streak =.= But I won the last match which I find to be more or less satisfying haha: and imagine all our screaming all the way through 100 matches which lasted for several hours, it was crazy.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

[x]: Kingdom Hearts II


Wokayyy, felt very dizzy now after long hours of gaming. It's not like I got much to do, not with the current gay internet connection we're having. Can't even watch YouTube, and it has been goin on for a week now.

Anywai, I finished Kingdom Hearts II last night (finally!), after playing for what? 3 years? Haha batah ah... too many obstacles I guess.

But since I can finally play uninterrupted this time, I started playing the game from the beginning few months ago, and progressing very slowly at that, only have been playing very tensely few days ago, right after I was done with my exams, and voila! I'm glad to have finally beaten it, because I don't want to be confused with the complex storyline when the english version of Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep is released. Which will be on this upcoming September! WOHOOO!

I'm still not quite done yet with KH2; still got few challenges in there left; treasures, cups, item synthesis, AND most especially beating that badass Sephiroth........... I engaged him for battle yesterday, since I was excited to see how strong he still is since the first Kingdom Hearts (yes, for those not in the know, Sephiroth is even stronger than the final boss in the first game). I think I was on level 51 or something that time, aaaaaaaaaaand I was brutally murdered, in less than a minute. Yeppp, still stronger than the final boss = . =

This morning I woke up, I thought; what the hell am I gonna play next?
I felt like I've exhausted my games collection...

Until I found:

Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII

Haha, last saved game was at February 22nd, 2008; halted for 2 years. So yehhh, this is what I've been occupied with since this morning.

Off for moar gaming!!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

SSB: Yoshi (Ayman) VS Link (Akif)


5 stock match; No items.
Gotta love Ayman's recovery at 5:25, prooooooooooo gilerr.